Suriname should distance itself from anti-Gay statements – human rights group

PARAMARIBO – The New York-based international human rights’ organization “Human Rights Watch” is surprised by the anti homo-statements of BEP-Parliamentarian Ronnie Asabina and “hopes that the Surinamese government will strongly distance itself from these statements and will plead for tolerance of and non-discrimination against homosexuals. According to advocacy director of the gay, Bisexual and Transgender Program of Human Rights Watch Boris Dittrich, Asabina is violating the name of his party (BEP stands for Brotherhood and Unity in Politics) because he is placing a whole group within the community together with the garbage and is, in doing so, sowing discord and hatred. Meanwhile, the coalition has distanced itself from Asabina’s statements.

Yesterday, Deputy-Speaker Ruth Wijdenbosch also stated that she is against Asabina’s statements. According to Dittrich, Asabina’s statements are in contrast with the standpoint of UN-Secretary General Ban-ki Moon’s statement who said at the commemoration of International Human Rights’ Day on 10 December 2010, that discrimination against people of a different sexual orientation than heterosexuals should be stopped.

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