Witness casts doubt on Angoy Ave. girl’s abduction -Crime Chief

Crime Chief Seelall Persaud has said that there is evidence to suggest that 14-year-old Shameeza Khubeer, who claimed she was abducted on Saturday, has lied.

He told Stabroek News yesterday that a witness came forward with information that the teen, of Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam (NA), joined a minibus that he was in and stopped off at a house on the Corentyne. She was later seen at Crabwood Creek in the company of a man but so far police have not been able to locate her.

Speaking to this newspaper on Tuesday, her father, Shazam Khubeer, pleaded for her safe return and for persons with information to come forward.

The teen, a third form student of the Vryman’s Erven Secondary School, reportedly left home to attend youth service at the New Testament Church at Smythfield, NA. Her parents were expecting her home at around 10 pm because she also had choir practice.

After that time passed, they became worried and called a member of the church and learnt that she left there since 6:30 pm. She subsequently telephoned them and related that she was awaiting transportation to return home when a car pulled up alongside her and the occupants forced her into it and sped away.

She also claimed that she was taken to a house and placed in a room where she found a phone to call them.

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