APNU leadership team to be unveiled today

-still no consensus on PM candidate

The opposition coalition “A Partnership for National Unity” (APNU) will be formally launched this afternoon at the Ocean View International Hotel, where it is expected to unveil its “leadership team” along with its plan to end divisions in the society.

The APNU was expected to name its prime ministerial candidate at the official launch, originally set for July 8. An announcement is unlikely to be made this evening. APNU presidential candidate David Granger told this newspaper last evening that “a leadership team” would be presented, since the focus was more on a team rather than on an individual. He said that he had not been part of any discussions regarding a prime ministerial candidate for the APNU.

Sources have told this newspaper that the question of who will be the APNU’s prime ministerial candidate has been a cause of some contention. WPA co-leader Dr Rupert Roopnaraine had been mentioned as a possible candidate with the strong backing of his party but this newspaper understands that his nomination has not received unanimous support among the parties involved. The PNCR, WPA, the GAP, the NFA and the GPP are the members of the APNU.

On June 24, the Joint Opposition Political Parties (JOPP) had announced the formation of the APNU and made public the joint declaration to establish a Government of National Unity. On this occasion, Granger was announced as the APNU’s presidential candidate and its symbol was unveiled. Members of the public were also able to access the group’s Statement of Principles and view specimen Membership Forms.

It was said too that the APNU was not a political party, but an association of political parties, Guyanese organisations and citizens that share a common desire and are guided by a Statement of Principles. It was said then that the APNU will contest the elections with a single Representative and Deputy Representative of the List of Candidates, in addition to a common symbol; an agreed electoral platform; and a unified campaign organisation and management.

The APNU in a release yesterday said “many organisations and individuals have since signaled their interest in being a part of this historic development and the launching ceremony [today] will usher in the opportunity for according formal membership to these organisations and individuals.”

The official programme begins at 6 pm, but it will be preceded by a video presentation and cultural items commencing at 5:30 pm.

The programme, according to the release, is not expected to last more than two hours.  “The APNU intends to use this occasion to unveil its plans to bring an end to the divisions that have plagued our country for the last half of a century and open the way to a new era of national harmony,” it said.

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