Guyana recognizes South Sudan

The Government of Guyana has recognized  the new State of the Republic of South Sudan while the country yesterday was accepted by the United Nations General Assembly as the 193rd member of that body.

Guyana was among several countries which co-sponsored a resolution carried in the General Assembly following the Security Council’s  recommendation for acceptance of the request for membership, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a press release.

And Minister of Foreign Affairs Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett presented a statement to the National Assembly yesterday on the recognition of the Republic of South Sudan.

In  Rodrigues-Birkett’s   statement confirming the full and unequivocal recognition of the Government of Guyana of the new Republic, she said that “Guyana recognized that a  number of issues remain to be resolved between the North and the South and urged the authorities of those two brotherly  countries to pursue the path  of dialogue with a view to peacefully resolving all outstanding issues under the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement  (CPA) and the key post-referendum arrangements that will sustain a long term North-South relationship.”

The release said further that the Guyana government also recognized the “valuable efforts made by the United Nations and the African Union in the development and fruition of the peace process and called for the continued support of the international community for the efforts of the parties in the realization of these objectives for the betterment of all Sudanese.”

In the meantime, the Guyana government  extended to  the Government and people of the Republic  of South Sudan “best wishes for peace, progress and prosperity as they embark on a new journey of nation building  and development.”

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