Lethem power company likely for shake-up

Changes are expected to be made in the administration of the Lethem Power Company (LPC) within the coming weeks, after the border community suffered an extended blackout this week.

Power was restored to the area around 4 pm on Thursday, after an almost 40-hour blackout which started on Tuesday evening. However, several businesses, which were disconnected from the electricity grid after power was restored, were only reconnected after the intervention of several government officials.

Residents, however, noted that emergency supplies of fuel did not arrive yesterday as expected from the coastland.

Reports are that several complaints were made to the Office of the Prime Minister on the issue. As a result, a source at Lethem noted that several changes are expected at the administrative level of the LPC.

Businesswoman Linda Khan, whose businesses had been affected by the situation and who led a protest at the LPC facility on Thursday shortly before power was restored, told this newspaper yesterday that no one knew when the situation will be permanently stabilised, since “the tankers which they say are on the way haven’t pass here as yet.”

She said that at 4pm yesterday there was no word from the authorities at the power company as regards its operating hours, while noting that the load shedding continued shortly after the electricity supply was restored on Thursday.

“The lights came off at 12 midnight last night [Thursday night] and came on back today [Friday] at 8 am but we still do not know how long it will be for because they still have not received fuel from the coastland,” Khan noted.

When contacted yesterday, a worker at the LPC said no one was available at the LPC to comment on the situation.

Residents noted yesterday that the Lethem trail continues to hamper travel between the border community and the coastland, however, it was noted that the smaller vehicles, including minibuses were operating almost daily.

The LPC reportedly sourced fuel from gas stations in the community on Thursday afternoon, shortly after members of the business community were joined by dozens of residents as they protested the situation at the LPC base at Barrack Retreat Road in Central Lethem.

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