BV pet killed in rampant dog slaughter

– persons jumped over fence, cornered dog and chopped it brutally

Two Beterverwagting (BV) dog lovers are now in grief, after their pet was severely chopped and subsequently died following a rampant dog slaughter carried out by some Mon Repos residents on Friday.

According to Shalinie Singh of Lot 45 Dasrath Street, BV North, on Friday she was at work in Georgetown when around 3.30 pm she received a phone call from a resident of her village who told her that there were some people with cutlasses slaughtering dogs, and they’d jumped over her fence and injured her dog as well.

The woman said that upon hearing this she immediately called her husband, who was also at work in Georgetown, and he left for home. Singh said she also alerted the BV police.

The grief-stricken woman related that when her husband arrived at their home he found the dog lying by the front fence in a pool of blood.

One of the dog’s feet was hanging and it had chops on its ears, mouth, and other parts of the body. “All my husband could do when he see was tear off he t-shirt that he had on and wrap up the dog in it. While he doing this he look out by the seaside, because we live near to the sea, and he see two women waving them cutlass[es] at he”.

By this time Singh had arrived home and the two took the dog to Dr Waldron, who immediately began operating. However, it was too late for the poor creature; it died during the surgery.

“My dog [was] like my child I never had.

He [didn’t] go out the yard without we. He [was] always in the car. He [slept] in a bed, with net, pillow, blanket, everything. That dog was my husband’s best friend and now like he can’t even come to grips with it,” the woman said mournfully.

Singh and her husband then returned home and proceeded to look for the other dogs that were victims of the chopping spree but to no avail. “Was ten dogs and is only four I see yesterday. These dogs are stray dogs but they don’t trouble anybody, all they does do is lie on the sand and sleep,” the woman said.

According to her, the police sent a patrol and “brought in some persons who were sitting on the seawall but subsequently released them, probably cause no one stepped forward to say anything.”

One of Singh’s neighbours, who is an eyewitness told Stabroek News yesterday that the persons who committed the act were from Jangotown in Mon Repos, and they entered the village wielding their cutlasses and claiming that the dogs had killed and eaten their goats. The eyewitness said that there were about 12 of them, including two women.

They arrived on one motorcycle, bicycles and some on foot. These individuals, the eyewitness said, chased about eight dogs into the seawall area and killed them, after which they “throw them in the seawall”. He said they also jumped over Singh’s fence and one of them used a stick to chase her dog from the back of the yard to the front, where another was waiting with the cutlass to proceed with the chopping. “Anybody who peep out, they cuss them,” the witness related.

This is not the first slaughtering of dogs that has taken place, as the neighbour revealed that some time back “they” had killed some other dogs.

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