Celina Resort expanding

Expansion works are well underway at the Celina Atlantic resort which sits to the north of the seawall next to the Kitty pump station.

The resort is located in an environmentally sensitive area and there are questions about the danger the expansion poses to the courida and mangrove trees in the area.

Several weeks ago when Stabroek News had noted large quantities of construction material being ferried to the location it had approached an official of the resort on whether expansion works were being done. The official at the time denied this and said only repair work to the decking and other areas was being done. As a result of the assurance no news item was carried by SN.

Entirely new structures are however being put up and sources note that these would have to be approved by various agencies and the possible repercussions to the environment and the integrity of the sea defence in the area considered.

In January this year, the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission (GLSC)  had stated that the resort’s lease had been cancelled as the holder had only paid one year’s lease since 2003.
The statement  followed a move to the court by the lease holder Bernard Yhun to forestall any action against him. It is unclear if the court matter has been concluded.

The statement from the commission via the Government Information Agency had said that a lease numbered A15377 for a period of 50 years was issued on August 22, 2003 to Yhun for a portion of State Land, described as Tract “BB”, north-side of the seawall at Kitty, Georgetown for tourism purposes. The land comprised 1.54 acres.

Expansion work ongoing at the Celina Atlantic Resort

“The said lease contained a number of conditions by which the Lessee should operate, including the payment of rent. Mr. Yhun has only paid rental for the first year of the lease. No other payments were made to the GLSC concerning the said lease. He has been in default of the rental payments from 2004 to 2010 totalling $4,125,000,” the release said.

The GLSC said it made repeated demands for payment of the outstanding rent but Yhun failed to make good.

“The Commission had no alternative but to commence legal proceedings against Mr. Yhun for the recovery of the outstanding rent. While the matter was engaging the attention of the Court, efforts were made to settle the outstanding arrears. These proved futile.”

The GLSC said it was forced to withdraw the matter from the Court and to enforce the condition of the lease regarding non-payment of rent.

“By Notice published in the Official Gazette dated 20th and 27th November and 4th December, 2010, respectively, GLSC gave notice of its intention to cancel the said Lease,” the statement said.
The commission said it gave seven days from the date of the last publication for any objection to the said cancellation. No objection was filed.

Via a notice dated December 20, 2010, Yhun was informed that the said lease was cancelled. Further, another notice dated Decem-ber 22, 2010 was issued to Yhun informing him that he was in unlawful occupation of state land and he was given three months from the date of the notice to remove all erections from the said portion of state land, the statement added.

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