Food shortage hits Port Kaituma Hospital

The Port Kaituma Hospital in Region One has been affected by a food shortage for the past two weeks and according to reports patients who have no relatives in the area are suffering.

Stabroek News has been reliably informed that persons were forced to remove their relatives from the institution because of the shortage of food.

Efforts to contact regional official yesterday for comment proved futile. Presently there are four persons in the hospital who have no relatives in the area and they are suffering, according to reports. Two of the persons are said to be from Georgetown, they were taken to the hospital from the backdam, another is from Berbice and the other from a Region One location.

“Now these patients have to drink medication but they have nothing to eat. How can you give them medication on an empty stomach?” one resident questioned yesterday.

Reports are that the hospital receives food supplies every two months but the last time food items were supplied was in April.

“It is now almost the middle of July and no foodstuff has been brought to the hospital, this was to be done since the end of last month,” another resident commented.

It was stated that the food supply is taken to the hospital all the way from Mabaruma as persons in the area have refused to supply foodstuff to the hospital on a credit basis since it is always difficult for them to get paid.

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