Questions raised in Suriname Parliament over Santokhi’s security team

PARAMARIBO – A security and intelligence team that former Justice Minister Chandrikapersad Santokhi installed by ministerial resolution was of a “mysterious” nature. This remark that his successor Martin Misiedjan stressed a couple of times created a fuss in Parliament yesterday. Parliamentarian Rashied Doekhie (MC/NDP) added to this by pointing out that the Special Security and Intelligence Team (SBIT) was especially established back then to arrest and eliminate NDP-leader Desi Bouterse. In doing so, the previous government wanted to prevent him from becoming President.

According to Doekhie, the 30 men were trained at Apoera and were heavily armed. Santokhi who is now a Parliamentarian contradicted Misiedjan’s qualification saying that his establishing the SBIT had enabled him to execute his constitutional tasks as Minister.

The team, among others, took care of his security and added to the national security not being jeopardized, even earning him international praise. According to Misiedjan, persons who thought they were safe all that time, would be dumbfounded were he to reveal the activities of the SBIT.

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