Region 3 to benefit from newly-built health centre

Minister within the Ministry of Health Dr Bheri Ramsaran inspected the newly- built Belle West Health Centre in Region Three to ensure that it complies with health standards as it is expected to be commissioned soon.

According to the Government Information Agency (GINA), Kawalpattie Jairam, a qualified medex with over 30 years of experience in health care services, has been appointed to head the centre. A community health worker is also assigned to the Centre. The Centre also boasts an ophthalmology unit, a waiting area and living quarters for one doctor.

Jairam said that the Centre will be open weekdays and will provide outpatient care, test for chronic diseases, host ante-natal, infant, family planning and post-natal clinics, and conduct school visits on designated days. She also noted that doctors will be visiting the Centre once weekly, while dental and eye clinics will be held twice monthly.

GINA said the Centre hosted a special outreach session on July 9, where 120 persons were given check-ups and treated for various ailments. Twenty-nine persons received dental assistance, where nine had extractions, while 82 persons were screened for eye ailments. In addition, 24 women were screened for cervical cancer using the Visual Inspection using acetic Acid (VIA) method.

Health care providers who participated in the exercise included the Regional Health Officer, dental technician, medex, VIA personnel, ophthalmologist, nurse and a refractionist.

Persons who will need to undergo surgery for eye ailments will be treated at the Ophthalmology Hospital, at Port Mourant, Region Six. They will be treated free of cost, while transportation to and from the hospital will be provided.

According to Dr Ramsaran, the ministry intends to install medexes at every centre in Region Three. The centres will also each boast a community health worker and will benefit from the services of a resident or visiting doctor.

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