Youth Ministry camps champion civic education

The Ministry of Culture, Youths and Sports said its summer camps for school-age children are in full swing and participants are being exposed to civic sessions along with being allowed to explore their artistic abilities.

According to a Government Information Agency (GINA) press release, the camps are one of the ministry’s initiatives aimed at developing the potential of youths between the ages of 12 and 17. This year, the ministry is hosting more than 70 one-week camps throughout the current school holidays at different governmental and educational facilities countrywide. The first camp started on July 11 and ended July 15.

The camps are being conducted and facilitated by camp leaders as well as representatives from various government agencies and organisations. This year the camps are being hosted under the theme “civic education” and aim to raise the degree of national pride in youths. The ministry, with the assistance of co-writers Audreyanna Thomas and Lawrence Latchmansingh, crafted and produced a manual titled Manual on Civic Education for Youth in Guyana that is guiding the civic sessions. Youths are also being taught “life skills.”

GINA said youths at the museum camp are being taught the importance of the institution. Museum Administrator Elford Liverpool said the children have been introduced to basic hands-on skills in museum exhibition preparation. They are also benefiting from discussions on climate change, facilitated by representatives of the Environmental Protection Agency and historical PowerPoint discussions from the National Archives. They are also being taken on field visits and tours of the monuments and historical sites in Georgetown, through the National Trust.

Ministry of Culture representative Andrea Hall said youths at the Graham’s Hall Primary School camp are exposed to regular interactive sessions with representatives from the different government agencies. Thursday’s session included a session with a representative from the Ethnic Relations Commission on peaceful conflict resolution. The pupils have also participated in creative sessions and have created a number of cultural pieces.

GINA said camps are also ongoing at the Eulele Primary School, Region Two; Leguan Secondary School, Region Three; Number Five Primary School, Region Five; New Amsterdam Multilateral, Region Six; and Coomacka Primary School, Region Ten. Another camp will be concluding on Thursday. The camps are expected to run until August 26.

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