Sterling launches $80M ‘Royal Ripple’ ice cream

-targeting local inputs

Sterling Products Limited launched new brand of ice cream “Royal Ripple”, an $80 million investment, at the Georgetown Club on Friday evening.

Speaking at the ceremony, Chief Executive Officer of Sterling Products Limited Ramsay Ali said  “We have created a product, a brand so filled with promises that consumers cannot resist. The flavours are delicious and intended for the absolute contentment of consumers.” He said that this $80 million investment was conceived nine months ago and the Royal Ripple plans to deliver and surpass all expectations. He also stated that the product has great potential for export.

Chairman of the company Suresh  Beharry said Sterling has made a conscious effort and decision to use more local raw materials. “Instead of importing milk we are working with farmers from the Ministry of Agriculture”. He also said that the flavours that have been going into the ice creams that they produce are all natural.

The Chairman stressed the importance of the ministry pushing for incentives for local manufacturers who are using local raw materials.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture George Jervis said that Sterling continues to be a company leading the way in what the ministry is trying to do. He said that the ministry has signed off on US$1M as small revolving loans for farmers in the fruit, vegetables and general agriculture sector. “Those are the farmers who will be providing you with milk as well as fruit for your products”. He added that the ministry is lending support in whichever way it can to allow duty-free exemptions for machines and equipment that are imported into the country to help the company with its competitiveness.

He said that on the horizon the ministry is expecting great things from the Amaila hydropower project and he hopes that it will address the power problems they recognize are a deterrent to the company’s competitiveness on the export market. He said that the ministry promises to work with the company as far that is practical.

The Royal Ripple can be found at supermarkets countrywide.

The Royal Ripple comes in strawberry, chocolate, butterscotch and carmel.  It comes in 1.42 liters and 473ml sizes.

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