Dubai buys Surinamese port companies

(De Ware Tijd) PARAMARIBO – Dubai port operator DP World has acquired controlling interest in two Suriname port companies. The company that is located in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, with 49 offices in 31 countries has bought shares in Integra Port Services (SPS) and Suriname Port Services (SPS), in this way gaining a majority-share in the Surinamese companies.

With its establishing in Suriname, DP World now has 3 operations (Peru and Argentina) in South America. Shortly Brazil will be added. According to DP World’s vice president and head of the Americas Matthew Leech, the IPS and SPS-terminals are located in such a way that they could handle all the freight destined for Suriname. What is more important though is that they have the potential to further develop as the Surinamese economy grows in view of the diversified natural resources-sector of the country.

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