U.S. Embassy hosting series on democracy

The U.S. Embassy in Georgetown will host a series on “Democracy and the Role of Free, Fair and Transparent Elections in the Nation Building Process,” with Dr. David Lublin, Professor, Department of Government, School of Public Affairs, American University, from next Monday through to Friday.

Dr. Lublin will engage a wide cross-section of Guyanese society in Georgetown, Upper Corentyne, New Amsterdam and Linden, the U.S. Embassy said in a press release yesterday.

David Lublin

Public forums,  all of which are open to the general public, will be held as follows:

Tuesday, July 26 – Theatre Guild, Parade Street, Kingston, 5:00 pm;

Wednesday, July 27 – Conference Room, Upper Corentyne Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Upper Corentyne, 11:00 am; and Town Hall, New Amsterdam, 4:30pm; and Friday, July 29 – Linden Enterprise Network (LEN) Conference Room, Linden, 5:00pm.

Dr. Lublin will be speaking on how free, fair and transparent elections have strengthened the nation building process in the United States.

Each forum will also be an opportunity for participants to exchange information on the Guyanese political process and community and voter participation.

Dr. Lublin will also meet with members of the business community, youth executives and the media, the release added.

Dr. Lublin received his Ph.D in Government from Harvard University in 1994.

Since then he has authored two books, The Paradox of Representation: Racial Gerrymandering and Minority Interests in Congress and The Republican South: Democratization and Partisan Change.

He has also conducted digital video conferences and meetings to discuss American elections with scholars, students, journalists and government officials in China, Hong Kong, Hungary, Malta, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Spain and Ukraine. And he travels extensively to speak on the  democratic process.

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