Call centre employees struck down

-one ends up in car, driver attempts to speed away

Two employees of the Clear Connect Call Centre were last night struck down on Lamaha Street at approximately 8:15 pm and are said to be severely injured.
According to reports, Rosanna Razac and Yolanda Murphy were walking in the company of two others when tragedy struck.

A colleague said that the car swerved into the girls’ path, and upon impact, hurled Razac over the vehicle while Murphy hit the windscreen, landing in the front seat of the car.

One of the girls who was said to be walking closely beside the two injured stated that she was texting when she glanced up and saw the speeding vehicle coming towards them. She stated that she and the other girl managed to move out of harm’s way, adding “before I know it, de car gone with the two of them”.

Meanwhile, another colleague recalled the driver attempting to escape while Murphy was still in the front seat of his car. However, two men, who are also employed at the call centre, managed to stop the driver before he could flee.

“He was saying he was taking the girl to the hospital! Although the other one went flying over his car,” an outraged witness said. The police were then called and the driver was arrested and taken into custody.

The colleague further stated that a car stopped and offered to take the two girls to the hospital. The two were taken to the hospital in an unconscious state.

Razac was expected to have a CT scan since it was reported that she had glass stuck in her head.

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