Works Ministry to demolish road encroachments

The Ministry of Public Works has announced the start of demolition exercises to remove all encroachments to the Public Road Reserve.

The demolition exercise, which will begin next Monday, will target, but is not limited to: buildings or portions of buildings, barbershops, mobile vending carts, small stands etc, fences and business signs, unauthorised concrete, derelict vehicles and construction materials or builders waste, a notice published in the Guyana Chronicle said.

Due to the upcoming four lane expansions, the roads that will be targeted first are: the East Coast Demerara, Sheriff Street/ Mandela Avenue and the East Bank Demerara.

According to the notice, the exercise will affect all members of the public who are in violation of the Laws of Guyana. Those who have been given notices are asked to comply with the laws, it said, adding that those who have not been given notices are advised to take this as the final notice to comply with the Laws and remove all encroachments from the Public Reserve.

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