Abandoned newborn released from hospital

The baby that was recently found at the Merriman’s Mall was yesterday discharged from the Neonatal Unit of the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH), and doctors said the child is in excellent health.

After all possible tests were run and the required treatment was administered, the baby was released into the custody of the Child Care and Protection Agency (CCPA), a GPH press release reported. The release related that the OB/GYN and other hospital staff have become closely attached to the baby and was saddened to see him leave. Since his admission, GPH also reported, many persons have expressed interest in adopting the child and these persons are advised to contact CCPA for any further information on the possibility of adopting the baby.

The infant was discovered at about 9:15pm on July 4 by Claire Thomas-Johnson, who was attending a barbecue that was being held at the mall.

Thomas-Johnson said that she went to the washroom and while walking alongside some of the stalls, she saw the baby wrapped up “in a pull-up for a one-year-old” on the concrete.

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