Corentyne man hit, dragged by truck

A Crown’s Pot Lemonade employee was yesterday struck down and dragged some 20 feet while unloading cases of lemonade from the company truck.

Karran Chooraman, 24, of 36 Tain, Corentyne was unloading lemonade from the parked vehicle to deliver to shops in that area when another truck, proceeding in the opposite direction, struck him and dragged him alongside the length of the Crown’s Pot  Lemonade truck. The incident occurred at around 11 a.m. in No. 51 Village, Corentyne.

Witnesses told Chooraman’s family that the driver of the other truck had fallen asleep at the wheel. Upon realising this, the person sitting in the passenger seat next to him turned the wheel, causing the vehicle to swerve and hit Chooraman.

Chooraman was first taken to the Skeldon Hospital then to the New Amsterdam Hospital and finally to his current location at the Georgetown Public Hospital. Doctors told relatives that Chooraman’s condition is critical and he is currently on life support in the Intensive Care Unit.  He suffered major injuries to his head and his bleeding internally in his abdomen. Close relatives told this newspaper that the surgery on his head could not be performed until the bleeding in his abdomen had stopped. Some relatives were volunteering to donate blood.

The driver of the truck was arrested and taken to No. 51 Village Police Station. The company owner of the truck has made contact with the family and has offered to move Chooraman to a private hospital. However, due to his critical condition, he is unable to switch hospitals at the moment.

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