Lall resigns as MP

Local Government Minister Kellawan Lall has resigned from the National Assembly making one government seat vacant.

The announcement was made on Thursday by Deputy Speaker Clarissa Riehl, who presided over the sitting in the absence of Speaker Ralph Ramkarran.

Lall is expected to become Guyana’s new Ambassador to Brazil. Earlier this month, Brazilian authorities finally gave clearance for Lall to take up the post.

In late March, Cabinet Secretary Dr Roger Luncheon told media operatives that Lall had accepted an offer made by the President to take up the diplomatic posting in Brazil and that PPP/C MP Norman Whittaker had been identified to head the Local Government ministry.

Lall replaces PPP stalwart Harry Narine Nawbatt, who left to serve as Guyana’s new High Commissioner to Canada. He had served in that post since November 2008

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