Fourth person beheaded in Jamaica in a week

(Jamaica Gleaner) As the Jamaican society continues to reel from the gory practice of beheadings being perpetrated by hoodlums, a fourth person suffered the horrific fate early yesterday, but miles away from the ghastly scene of the first three.

The horrific act of beheadings that blemished the comparative calm of Lauriston in St Catherine last week, has further marred the more volatile community of August Town in the eastern end of Corporate Area. In what appears to be a copy of the first three cases, news came that another man suffered the same fate in August Town.

This latest incident happened only two days after a woman and her daughter were beheaded. Another man was hacked two days before the women were slaughtered.

The police say the latest incident happened about 12:30 yesterday morning.

The Sunday Gleaner was introduced to a man who resides in nearby Karachi in the eastern St Andrew community who said he knew the victim only as ‘Bobby’ and that he worked as a gardener.

“He is a working man. He is not an idler,” the man who spoke on condition of anonymity told The Sunday Gleaner.

Torso found

A distressed neighbour of the victim who lives on Marl Road in the community said the man’s torso was found in another section of the community called Dread Heights. The young woman told The Sunday Gleaner that the community was in a state of shock and charged that the police were not doing enough to keep out the violence.

“The community must ‘fraid. De police dem come dung here and a terrorise people and nothing nah gwaan down here,” she complained. “Dem must go Dread Heights and up inna the hills where the bad men dem is, instead of staying down at Tavern”.

She said Bobby was at home on Marl Road when men came and knocked on his door and took him away from his two children.

The killing of the first three in St Catherine had prompted a reaction from National Security Minister Dwight Nelson as he addressed the Senate on Friday.

Nelson denounced the act, but the brutality of the criminals continued yesterday, increasing fears among Jamaicans.

Jamaicans for Justice, the human rights organisation has also reacted saying it was appalled by the barbaric shooting and beheading of three residents of the community of Lauriston, St Catherine over the past three days.

“We are deeply disturbed that there are members of our society that would carry out such vicious and inhumane acts and are saddened that our country continues to be plagued by a culture of bloodletting and violence,” said Carolyn Gomes executive director of Jamaicans for Justice.

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