Corentyne woman found dead with suspected stab wounds

– after leaving party

The body of a 29-year-old Corentyne woman was discovered with suspected stab wounds at the Number 61 Village foreshore around 6 am on Sunday.

Devika Persaud of Number 50 Village was reportedly last seen walking along the road around some time after 11 pm on Saturday.

Her reputed husband, Lennox Kendall, told Stabroek News that she had left home around 7.30 pm to go to a pre-wedding party in the area. Persons later told him that she appeared to be heavily intoxicated.

Devika Persaud

He said after Persaud, who was originally from Hog Island, Essequibo River, did not go home that night he felt that she was still at the wedding house “sporting”.

The following day he made some enquiries and the woman who she had gone with told him that she had sent her home around 11 pm.

He became worried and made a report at the Number 51 Police Station around 1.30 pm. The police then informed him that they had found the body of a woman.

He travelled with the police to the Skeldon Hospital mortuary where he identified her remains.

Kendall, a labourer, said he saw what seemed like stab wounds to her chest. Her neck also appeared to be broken.

Police said in a release that they were investing the circumstances surrounding her death.

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