$30M Acoushi ant eradication campaign underway in Region 7

The Ministry of Agriculture is currently implementing a $30M Acoushi Ant Eradication Programme in Region Seven, and plans are in train to expand the programme to regions, One, Eight and Nine.

A Government Information Agency (GINA) press release said the ministry is engaged in the programme with assistance from a private company. Acoushi ants have been a major problem in hinterland communities and the ministry has been providing residents with spray cans, pumps and baits to control the pests.

Further, the eradication programme is in keeping with a comprehensive agriculture programme for the Amerindian communities to ensure that they have an adequate supply of food. The ministry has been supplying nearly all the communities with planting and farming materials as well as breeding animals.

Minister of Agriculture Robert Persaud also noted that these communities can expect to capitalise on the programmes currently being implemented when resources expected from Norway through the Low Carbon Develop-ment Strategy become available. He said the ministry has noted that needs residents revealed at the last National Toshaos Conference and is taking steps to address them. Persaud also said the ministry hopes to engage more communities through the current conference being held.

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