Bouterse says gold pontoon not his son’s

(De Ware Tijd) PARAMARIBO – Yesterday afternoon, President Desi Bouterse told the press that the gold pontoon that has been causing quite a stir among communities around the reservoir in Brokopondo is neither his son Dino Bouterse’s nor chief of-security Melvin Linscheer’s. Rumours have it that Dino Bouterse and Melvin Linscheer are the owners, therefore the mystery surrounding the craft and the fact that it is so hard to have it removed. The suspicions are also fed due to the presence of alleged members of the Counter Terror Unit (CTU). Bouterse suggests that, given the shroud of mystery, maybe the police should find out who the owner is. He thinks the link with his son, Linscheer and the CTU probably originates from the fact that the owners had called in their assistance during the assembly of the pontoon for security reasons. The Commission for the ordering of the Gold Sector however rendered assistance.

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