Three months jail for Robb St assault

Leon Smart was yesterday sentenced to three months in prison for unlawfully assaulting another man.

Magistrate Hazel Octave-Hamilton imposed the sentence at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, which heard that on July 2, at Robb Street, Smart unlawfully assaulted Lloyd Smith, causing him actual bodily harm.

Smart pleaded guilty when the charge was read to him.

The prosecutor Venetta Pindar told the court that on the day in question; at about 2:15pm, Smith approached Smart, who was in a shop. While there, the two parties had an argument, which resulted in a fight. The matter was later reported to the police and subsequently the men were charged.

Both parties were later seen by a doctor. The medical report was presented to the court stating the location and extent of the injuries both Smart and Smith received. Smith sustained injuries to his right ear, right arm and his rib.

When Smart was given a chance to explain to the court what had transpired on the day in question, he said that he went to the shop to purchase a phone card when he was confronted by Smith. He further stated that Smith used indecent language. He said while he walked away, subsequently Smith followed him and pushed him in his head and as a result the fight broke out.

In handing down the sentence, the Magistrate took into consideration Smart’s guilty plea as well as the fact that Smith sustained more injuries.

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