Queenstown residents peeved at mud piles from sewerage repairs

Residents of Oronoque, Albert and Light streets in Queenstown are weary with the piles of mud outside their homes as a result of sewage line replacement being undertaken by a contractor on behalf of the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) and which is expected to last a month.

Yesterday one resident said that she is not able to park her car in her garage and also had to purchase a new bumper after she hit a pile of the mud while trying to manoeuvre into a parking space close to her home. “When I asked the contractors why they are not moving the mud that is on the road they told me that they can’t fill in back the mud because they have to wait on the hymac to do so,” the resident said. “If I want to go to the shop I have to walk all the way through my neighbour’s yard,” she added.

Another resident told this newspaper that he sustained an injury to his head while returning from work last Friday. “In an attempt to jump over the drain which they dug, I fell,” the resident said. He said the same day, around 7 pm “a car got into an accident because there were no caution signs stating ‘construction ahead’.”

Men at work in the Queenstown area yesterday.

When approached by this newspaper, the supervisor of the work, Clayton Bel said, “We cannot fill back the mud without first testing the pipes to make sure that there is no leakage. That is the reason the mud is still there.” He further stated that even though the duration period of the project is one month they are working hard to finish it before.

Contacted, Public Relations Officer of GWI Timothy Austin said the project commenced two weeks ago and is expected to last for one month. He further stated that the commuters living in the area were advised about the project. “We sent letters informing the residents, that there will be minor traffic diversions”. He also stated that the clerk of work went to the homes of the residents and issued flyers which informed them about the noise that would be heard due to the work.

He stressed that the residents were well informed about the project. “We stated on the flyers which were distributed that if they have any concerns they can contact the GWI so that all measures can be taken to address any problems that should arise,” he added.

Piles of mud in front of a Queenstown residence yesterday.

Austin further stated that caution signs were erected throughout the Queenstown area.
Austin said GWI will address all concerns of the residents. However, he stated that no reports were made to the utility about the inconvenience the ongoing work may have caused. (Roxanne Clarke)

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