Armed gang invades Goed Fortuin business

-terrorizes family and customers

-carts off money, jewellery

Nine armed robbers made off with about $1 million, six cellular phones, one camera and a quantity of jewellery after terrorizing a shop owner and his family at their Lot 24 Lancaster Avenue, Good Fortuin, West Bank Demerara home.

Peter Sahadeo, 42, told Stabroek News that around 7:30 on Saturday evening, he along with his son and wife, Nanda were downstairs catering to their 8-10 customers present at the time of the incident.

Sahadeo said that seven of the men invaded the shop, four of whom jumped over the counter, all holding handguns, while three others demanded that customers lie flat on the floor.

The remaining two bandits patrolled  outside of the shop.

He explained that once the men made their way over the counter, he and his son were also placed to lie face down on the ground while his wife was dragged upstairs by two of the bandits.

The two men, Sahadeo related, completely ransacked his home in their quest to find the family’s valuables.

“They even take a gold band off my sleeping baby (9-months-old) hand,” he stated.

He stated that his wife was badly beaten, as she was struck to her head with a gun, had her head pounded against a wall and was cuffed to the mouth.

According to Sahadeo, he complied with the robbers and told them where the money could be found and to take whatever they wanted. However, the man said that he and his son were repeatedly kicked.

“I think the main reason for that was because they didn’t want us to see their identity because every time we look at them, they beating we,” he explained.

Sahadeo recalled that after the 15 minutes episode was over, the customers immediately ran out of the shop and started screaming, alerting neighbours who then called the police.

The police, he said, arrived shortly after and are currently investigating the robbery.

Neighbours reported that the men made good their escape in a dark- coloured bus.

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