City garbage collection restricted to some areas

-as contractors continue to withhold services

Garbage collection is ongoing, according to City Council spokesman Royston King, but the service is restricted to some areas due to the city’s limited resources.

“The rhythm of garbage collection will be disrupted because of our limited resources… it will not be every week,” King told Stabroek News, while private collectors owed by the city continued to withhold their services.

Areas that have so far benefitted from collection are municipal areas, such as the Bourda, Stabroek, East Ruimveldt and Kitty markets, central Georgetown and commercial areas, certain sections of the southern parts of the city and some sections of North and South Cummingsburg.

King said the council is hoping to provide collection services to all parts of Georgetown, but this is impossible at the moment due to the inadequate resources.
The ongoing collection, King explained, is funded by the various departments of the council such as the Solid Waste, Engineering and Public Health departments, which are pooling money to pay for private collection.

He added that the council realises that collection and disposal of garbage is essential and the city cannot afford to not have this service provided. He further stated that the $50 million, which is owed to contractors who have been on strike since August 4, must be seen against the background of other expenses.

King indicated that they intend to collect funds from property taxes/rates and taxes which will be used to pay the garbage collectors. “That is why they have been delayed…taxpayers have not been taking their obligation to the city seriously. The delay in paying contractors is a direct result of the action of some property owners who neglect to honour their obligation to the city by paying their taxes,” he explained.

Collection resumption, King stated, is dependent on the ability to pay contractors.

Meanwhile, the city is advising persons to partake in composting heaps of garbage and also to refrain from illegal dumping, which will only worsen the city’s current situation.

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