Linden Fund USA donates photocopier to Mackenzie Police

The Linden Fund USA donated a photocopier to the Mackenzie Police Station to aid it in its execution of administrative duties.

LFU Chairman Dr Vincent Adams handed over the equipment to Assistant Super-intendent Michael Sutton, in the presence of LFU Execu-tive Secretary Linda Felix-Johnson and LFU member Floyd Alleyne at a brief ceremony.  Inspector Williams and Linden Station Manage-ment Committee Chairman Lethem Wilson also attended the ceremony.

LFU’s Dr. Vincent Adams (left) hands over the copier to Asst Supt. Michael Sutton.

Dr Adams said that the donation was the realisation of a commitment made to the station, following a request made by Terrence Brown who was in charge of the Mackenzie Police Station at the time. Dr Adams pledged the LFU’s commitment to the development of various sectors of the Linden community.

In expressing his gratitude, Sutton pledged the division’s commitment to care the machine and to use it for its intended purpose. Wilson also commended the LFU for making good on their promise and he asked for support in the provision of a number of items needed to furnish the new Amelia’s Ward outpost.

The Linden Fund is dedicated to improving the lives and living conditions of residents of Linden through health care, education, job creation and economic development initiatives that are dedicated to fundamental, long- term and sustainable projects.

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