Berbice family loses home to fire, before newborn addition

A fire in Berbice has left a young family without a home, just before it welcomed a new addition.

The Lot 133, 72 Village, Berbice home of Yogeshwar, 36, and Babita Samaroo, 32, and their two children has been burnt to the ground.

A relative of Babita told this newspaper that at 2 am on Saturday, July 30th, Yogeshwar was out visiting relatives in the area when he heard the fire and ran to the house.

By the time he returned, he found the house already halfway burnt.

The relative said that he called the fire brigade but when they arrived a half an hour later, the house was already burnt flat.

Babita had left Berbice on Tuesday to deliver her baby at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

She stayed there for the rest of the week, since the baby had breathing problems and had to be given oxygen.

The family remains puzzled as to how the fire started. Babita’s mother, Radika Ragobeer, told this newspaper that the police came to the scene on Saturday but after that, they never received further word.

She related that the house never had any electrical problems and that the family did not have conflicts with anyone in the area.

The only set of belongings that the family has now is the baby-bag that Babita took with her when she went to the hospital.

“They didn’t expect this fuh happen.

She thought she comin’ back, so she only went with the one bag,” said the woman’s mother.

The couple had been living in the two-storey wooden and concrete house for five years since their marriage.  One child is four-years-old and the other is 13 days. They are currently staying at Ragobeer’s house until they can receive help. “Me is a poor woman.  And I don’t know what fuh do fuh help them.”

Any one who wishes to assist the Samaroo family can contact Radika Ragobeer at 338-4429.

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