Linden mother of 10 jailed for ganja possession

A mother of ten will be spending the next two years behind bars, after she was found guilty of possession of narcotics for trafficking.

Shaundell Petrie, 36, of Wis-roc Tabernacle, will also have pay a fine of $416,000, which was also imposed by Magistrate Ann McLennan at the Christianburg Court on Tuesday.

The charge was laid against the woman over one year ago.  On June 12, 2010, at about 2:45am, members of the anti-crime unit were on patrol duty along the Winifred Gaskin Highway, at Wismar, Linden, when they saw motor car PEE 3379 approaching from the opposite direction. They signalled the driver to stop but instead the vehicle accelerated and drove past the police officers.

The police officers pursued the non-compliant vehicle and cornered the vehicle.

Petrie, who was the driver, abandoned the vehicle and fled with two salt bags in her hand, and the other occupant of the vehicle, Adam Prince, followed. They were caught by the ranks.

The two bags contained cannabis. A further search resulted in the discovery of another salt bag containing more of the narcotic, totalling five kilogrammes and 200 grammes.

Both defendants were charged but the case against Adams was dismissed.  Petrie had pleaded not guilty. After she was found guilty, she pleaded for leniency.

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