Two girls top CSEC

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Queen’s College and the New Amsterdam Multilateral Secondary School have produced the top students  for Guyana at this year’s Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations.

Minister of Education Shaik Baksh this afternoon announced that Anuradha Dev of QC and Shalita Appadu of New Amsterdam Multilateral tied with fifteen grade ones.



Individual candidate performances


Shalita Appadu
Shalita Appadu

Full details on individual candidate’s performances are not yet available. However we have requested a list of candidates who have secured Grade Ones passes in eight or more subjects from the Caribbean Examinations Council.


In response to our request for the list of persons who have secured Grade One passes in eight or more subjects, we received a list of one hundred and eighty eight (188) candidates.


Forty two persons who secured 11 Grade Ones and more on that list are:


School                                   Name                                     Results Obtained

Queen’s College                  Anuradha Dev                      15 Ones

New Amsterdam Multi.       Shalita Appadu                    15 Ones

Queen’s College                  Mariesa Jagnanan              14 Ones

Queen’s College                  Jonelle James                      14 Ones

Queen’s College                  Asaf Mohamed                     14 Ones

Queen’s College                  Nirmela Govinda                  13 Ones         1 two

Mackenzie High                   Zainab Abdul Karim                        13 Ones         1 two

Abram’s Zuil Sec                 Seriena Alli                           13 Ones         1 two

Queen’s College                  Nicholas Koylass                 13 Ones

Queen’s College                  Amrita Milling                       13 Ones

Saraswati Vidya Niketan    Sanjiv Nandalal                   13 Ones

St Rose’s High                     Tishana Arthur                     12 Ones

Abram’s Zuil Sec                 Alvin Soamandaugh                       12 Ones

Queen’s College                  Melodie Lowe                       12 Ones

New Amsterdam Multi.       Joshua Seepersaud                        12 Ones

Queen’s College                  Alicia Bankay                       12 Ones

Queen’s College                  Davendra Kissoon               12 Ones

St Joseph High                    Ajay Persaud                                    12 Ones

Marian Academy                  Damien Monzie                   12 Ones

Queen’s College                  Francene Bholaramsingh  11 Ones         4 twos

Anna Regina Multi              Kevroy Lall                            11 Ones         2 twos

School                                   Name                                     Results Obtained

The Bishops’ High               Narendra Bahadur              11 Ones         2 twos

The Bishops’ High               Shelieza Gopie                    11 Ones         2 twos

Mackenzie High                   Rooanna Rose                     11 Ones         2 twos

Saraswati Vidya Niketan    Mahendra Badree                11 Ones         2 twos

Saraswati Vidya Niketan    Rajiv Kadarnauth                11 Ones         2 twos

Saraswati Vidya Niketan    Rhea Kanhai                                    11 Ones         2 twos

Saraswati Vidya Niketan    Rebecca Sookram               11 Ones         2 twos

Anna Regina Multi.             Sophia Raghunandan       11 Ones         1 two

St Joseph High                    Nkechi Mc Pherson             11 Ones         1 two

Abram’s Zuil Sec                 Fahad Amin                          11 Ones         1 two

Queen’s College                  Martin Massiah                     11 Ones

Queen’s College                  Randolph Tulsie                  11 Ones

The Bishop’s High               Kaycia Ellis                           11 Ones

J C Chandisingh Sec         Sasernarine Tomby             11 Ones

New Amsterdam Multi.       Elizabeth Sangster              11 Ones

Queen’s College                  Rishiram Dubraj                  11 Ones

Queen’s College                  Pooja Mohess                      11 Ones

Queen’s College                  Alister Profitt                         11 Ones

Queen’s College                  Fabian Sealey                      11 Ones

Tagore Memorial                  Nurisha Gobin                      11 Ones

West Demerara Sec            John Anderson                    11 Ones











The ‘top’ one hundred and eighty eight candidates are from the following schools


Region                      School                                               No. of candidates


2                                  Anna Regina Multi                                      15

Abram’s Zuil Secondary                             6

Cotton Field Secondary                              2


3                                  West Demerara Secondary                        5

Saraswati Vidya Nikitan                             12

Essequibo Islands Secondary                  1

Patentia Secondary                                     1

Zeeburg Secondary                                                1


4                                  President’s College                                     4

Annandale Secondary                               1

Cove & John Secondary                             1

Covent Garden Secondary                                    2

Hindu College – Guyana Private              1


5                                  Bush Lot Secondary                                   1

Bygeval Secondary                                     1

Rosignol Secondary                                   1

6                                  New Amsterdam Multi                                17

Skeldon Line Path                                       3

Berbice High                                                 3

J C Chandisingh Sec                                 6

Tagore Memorial                                          3


9                                  St Ignatius Secondary                                1


10                                Mackenzie High                                           3


G/Town                      Queen’s College                                          44

The Bishops’ High                                       21

St. Stanislaus College                                5

St Joseph High                                            7

Marian Academy                                          2

Mae’s Secondary                                         3

ISA Islamic Sch                                            1

St Rose’s High                                             7

Brickdam Sec                                               3

Central High                                                 2

Christ Church Secondary                          1

Richard Ishmael Secondary                      1



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