Nations records 97% pass rate at Cambridge A-Levels

School of the Nations has achieved a 97 percent pass rate Cambridge University A- Level exams this year; the highest in its 15-year history.

In a press release the school said it earned a 97% pass rate at the Advanced Level examinations, the highest in its 15-year history. In Biology, Business, Chemistry, Environmental Management and Law, 60% of the AL results were graded C or above. Eighty per cent of the Psychology AL students, and 75% of the Physics AL students earned a C or above while 89% of the Economics students earned a grade C or above.

Some of the outstanding performers are Geran Collymore with As in Business and Psychology and a B in Economics, Gabriella Edwards with anA (with distinction) in Law and an A in Psychology, Krysta Yan with As in Sociology, Law and Psychology and a B in English, Priyanka Sookraj with As in Law, Psychology and Sociology, Melissa Ram with As in Business and Economics and a B in Accounts, Sarah Chandebal with As in Psychology and Sociology.

In addition, Olly Perreira gained As in Biology and Chemistry and a C in Mathematics, William Gopie, Bs in Biology, Maths and Environmental Management and an A in Chemistry;  Sarina Kawall with an A in Business and Bs in Psycho-logy and Literature; Daniel Panday with Bs in Biology, chemistry and Maths; Shaliya Rahaman with an A in Economics and a B in Business, Lachman Tiwari with an A in Chemistry and a B in Physics, Erin Forte with an A in Sociology, a B in Psychology and Maria Singh with Bs in Computing and Psychology.

The release also said Nations 6th Form College and Nations University which will now be housed in a newly completed three-storey building will open on September 5 at 6pm. Nations offers 17 subjects at the sixth form level. Enrolments are taking place now at the school.

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