No word from CH&PA on ‘Pradoville 2’

-four months after request, says Corlette

Almost four months after requesting information on the works at ‘Pradoville 2’ from the Central Planning and Housing Authority (CH&PA), Chairman of Region Four Clement Corlette says he is still to get a response.

“It is an indication that they may have very little regard for the institutions of the state,” said Corlette when contacted on Wednesday. He said that in a “proper democracy,” the local authorities would have been, at least, notified of developments in the area they oversee. “I still feel a proper response is outstanding,” he said. The Regional Chairman said that he will send a reminder to the CH&PA on the issue. “They owe us a response,” he said.

In a letter to Chief Executive Officer of the CH&PA Mryna Pitt, dated April 14, Corlette said that buildings at ‘Pradoville 2,’ where President Bharrat Jagdeo and senior government officials are building houses, may be in violation of several regulations. He said that permission was not sought from the local authorities, building plans were never submitted nor were they certified by the Environ-mental Health Officer. He had sought answers on the development and in his letter, which was seen by Stabroek News, he noted that at a Region Four Administrative Committee meeting on April 12, the Chairman of the Industry/ Plaisance Neigh-bourhood Democratic Council Clinton Rollox was unable to account for the extensive work underway at the development.

Clement Corlette

The exclusive housing development at Sparendaam North, in proximity to the sea defence structure, has been under scrutiny with several members of society accusing the officials building homes there of elitism, in view of the “special” treatment afforded to the development. Since construction began last year, questions have been raised about whether the land was advertised publicly and how it was allocated and valued, among others.

In his letter, Corlette said that “something seems unusual” about the development and he called upon Pitt to assist with the due regularisation of the situation. He pointed out that Rollox admitted that erections were under construction but he reported that the Local Authority was never approached for permission to build; that no building plans were submitted to the Local Planning Authority and the Environmental Health Officer had not seen and or certified/recommended building plan/s for the buildings now under construction.

“According to the Neigh-bourhood Democratic Coun-cil Chairman, he and his council have not seen any document that establishes proof of ownership of the land, as such the council is unable to determine to what extent the construction being undertaken is of individual or corporate enterprise,” Corlette said. As a result of Rollox’s account, he suggested that that the authority for creation of structures referred to are in doubt “and may be in violation of the regulations of the Central Board of Health and the Central Housing and Planning Authority since the Local Planning Authority is unaware of the proof of ownership of the land by whomsoever may be engaged in the erection of structures individually or collectively.”

Corlette asked that information be provided to him as proof that transport, title, or lease exists for the land to each of the occupiers of the land whomsoever they may be. He also asked for information that a second certificate or land use clearance has been obtained for the land to be used for residential development by the Central Board of Health.

He also requested proof that a cadastral plan exists to show the layout for each house lot, location of roads, drains, green space and community ground or plot for public building/s. He also asked whether a potable water distribution network is provided for and structured erection of electricity poles and supply network. Further, he asked for information on the total quantified house lots available and how much remain unoccupied or uncommitted as well as information on authorisation to build for each construction now underway.

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