Non-functioning Port Kaituma morgue adds to woes of murdered teen’s family

Relatives of Kenny Creame, who was beaten to death at Monessee Backdam, Port Kaituma, in the North West District on Tuesday, were left in shock when police informed them yesterday that they had to buy ice to preserve the body until a post-mortem examination is done.

Creame, 19, called ‘Panka’ is lying at the Port Kaituma mortuary, which has been out of operation for several years now. The region recently acquired a freezer but it is yet to be installed and electricity is not supplied to the building.

Speaking to Stabroek News yesterday, Creame’s aunt Monika told this newspaper that police ranks informed her that she has to buy ice to put on the body. When this newspaper spoke to her, she had already bought $5,000 worth of ice and she was preparing to buy another $5,000 worth. The woman said that she had to pay $2500 for a five gallon bucket.

“This is disturbing… I am a poor woman and right now I taking meh last money. Police supposed to be doing this, until they hand over the body to the family and then I woulda do it,” the woman said.

She said that she was told the post-mortem examination will be done today and she will have to keep buying ice until he is buried, which is very hard for her, since she has children to maintain.

Monika said on Wednes-day afternoon the police informed her that her 19-year-old nephew had died and asked her to identify him.

The woman said that the news shocked her and when she saw the remains she immediately recognised Creame, who had a “big hole in he temple.”

Monika said that the police have not given her details about what transpired. She, however, said that she believes that her nephew was beaten with wood and that several persons committed the act. She said that two persons are in police custody at the Port Kaituma Police Station.

Creame, she added, had been a miner since the age of 16.

The woman expressed hope that the police would do everything in their power to ensure the family gets justice.

Police had said in a press release that the murder occurred around 2300 hours. Investigations have so far revealed that Creame had an argument with two men during which he was beaten about his body.

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