Farmer’s severed parts recovered

The dismembered body of missing man Bernard Matheson has been positively identified by his father Charles Matheson, and his severed head and legs were recovered yesterday.

According to the senior Matheson, he recognised his son’s body by the damaged finger nail and scar tissue on his hand. Matheson also said that a post-mortem examination is due to be performed.

Bernard Matheson

In press release yesterday, police said that the younger Matheson’s body was discovered in a canal at Mibicuri South Black Bush Polder, at about 7:00pm Monday. He had been reported missing on Sunday, the release said.

According to his father, Bernard had left home early that morning to milk cows in the backdam, but he never returned. His mother, after growing frantic with worry over his prolonged and unexplained absence, went in search of him and discovered that the cows were not milked nor had they been loosed for the day. His dismembered body was subsequently found on Monday. The man’s missing head and legs were found yesterday at around 12:30pm.

The body is at the Skeldon Hospital Mortuary as the investigations continue, police said.

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