St. Barnabas demolition to be completed by weekend

-contracting company

The St. Barnabas Church will be completely demolished by this weekend, according to Errol Cush of Cush Contracting Service.

Speaking with Stabroek News on the site, Cush said the work is 90% complete and while the demolition stage will be finished within a couple of days, he is uncertain as to when the area will be cleared.

“The demolition stage still isn’t over and we have to find a location to put the things before we clear out the stuff…it will take some time,” he said.

Cush explained that last week the “boom head of the crane” was jammed into a tower during the demolition and was damaged as a result. This, he said, took three days to be replaced but work continued on the site as other equipment was available.

He added that on Sunday last, they were forced to set up road blocks on the Regent Street stretch where the church sits as they were pulling down one of the towers along that area. “We didn’t want the dust and stuff to get on people so we diverted traffic from there,” he stated.

When this newspaper contacted businessman Alfro Alphonso last week, he had said that he is not yet ready to discuss with the media his plans for the property. He said however that the new structure will be “very modern”.

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