Robbery was motive in fatal beating of guard – police

Police have determined that robbery is the motive in Wednesday’s brutal slaying of security guard Mohammed Haniff, according to Crime Chief Seelall Persaud.

Persaud noted that containers which Haniff guarded were broken into and items stolen. He told Stabroek News yesterday that police have not yet been able to identify a suspect in the case.

Haniff, who was attached to the Dynamics Security Services, was last seen alive just after midnight by his employer, who had visited him at the Providence, East Bank Demerara construction site, located opposite Mines Services Limited.

Mohammed Haniff

His employer, Randolph Perreira, had said that just before 7 am he received a telephone call informing him that a container at the site had been broken into and the guard was missing. He said that when he arrived at the scene, about twenty minutes later, he and other workers began searching.  According to Perreira, the grass had been disturbed and a section of the fence was “trampled down.” He said that they searched the rest of the location where Mines Services Limited is constructing a bond.

A short while later a driver found Haniff, with his head bloodied and with blood oozing from his mouth and nose, under a shed behind a stack of cement. A piece of iron suspected to be the murder weapon was found near the body.

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