Guyhoc man facing amputation after collision

A man is now facing the possible amputation of his left leg, after being involved in a head on collision on Thursday morning at Barrack Street, Kingston.

Troy Bayley, 25, of Lot 150 Guyhoc Park, on Thursday underwent surgery at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH), following which his relatives were told by doctors that the veins at the heel of his left foot were badly damaged. As a result, the doctor told them, his foot is lifeless, and if nothing can be done to process blood to it, amputation will have to be the next move.

Reports are that the man was riding his motorcycle, with licence plate number CF 7777, following his boss, who was also travelling on a motorcycle.

When Stabroek News spoke to Joseph, the man’s boss, he said that they were on the corner of ‘Jus Water’ in Kingston and were anticipating making a turn. Joseph recalled going ahead, making the turn, and assumed that Bayley may have not looked though he should have. “The other vehicle had the right [of] way… he was turning the corner and supposed to stop but he didn’t,” Joseph said.

The vehicle, which bore the license plate number PMM 522, was said to be heading in an eastern direction.

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