Man jailed for five years for theft of neighbour’s bikes

Devon Semple, who stole bicycles from his neighbour on two separate occasions, was yesterday ordered to serve a total of five years in jail.

Magistrate Hazel Octave-Hamilton handed down the judgment when Semple pleaded guilty to charges of armed robbery and larceny, which were read to him at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.

Semple admitted that on February 26, at Georgetown, being armed with a knife, he robbed Abrahim Rahaman of a pedal cycle, valued $16,000. He also admitted that on August 13, at Breda Street, Georgetown, he stole a pedal cycle, valued $20,000, from Rahaman’s house.

Initially, Semple was not required to plead to the indictable charges, but when asked by the court if he wanted to make a bail application, he indicated that he wished to plead guilty to both charges.

Semple claimed that while he was guilty of the robbery charge, he knew nothing of the larceny. However, shortly afterward, he said he had indeed committed both offences.

Police Sergeant Lionel Harvey told the court that on February 26, at Georgetown, Semple, who was armed with a knife, relieved Rahaman of his cycle. Subsequently, he said, on August 13, Rahaman spotted Semple again and asked about his cycle. Harvey said that sometime after that conversation, Rahaman’s wife saw Semple removing the other cycle.

When given a chance to speak, Rahaman said that Semple has a reputation in the neighbourhood for stealing items. He said that although he was imprisoned on occasion, Semple would repeatedly commit thefts after being released.

After listening to the case, the Magistrate informed Semple, who begged for lenience, that he would be imprisoned for three years on the armed robbery charge and two for the other. The sentences will run consecutively.

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