No ban on lumber exports

-Forestry Commission

Although that there is a limited supply of lumber available on the local market, the Guyana Forestry Commis-sion (GFC) says no decision has been taken to ban the export of logs/lumber.

“The Government of Guyana has received numerous complaints from the local construction industry about the acute shortage of building materials on the local market, and the steep increase in prices that consumers are being forced to pay for whatever limited supply is available,” a release from the GFC said.  The Commission said that it has also verified that supplies “have been tight.”

According to the release, the government, based on its obligation to ensure that the domestic needs of local consumers are first satisfied before allowing the exportation of logs and lumber, has asked the GFC to explore possible arrangements to satisfy local demand.

The stakeholders have been advised of this development and are being encouraged to take steps to increase supply on the local market,” the GFC said, while adding that “Contrary to any suggestion, there is no ban on the export of logs/lumber.”

Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud will be meeting with members of the Forest Products Association (FPA) and the Guyana Manufacturers Association (GMA) on Monday, to further discuss the issue, the GFC added.

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