Police continue to question ‘witnesses’ in Konawaruk double murder

The three ‘witnesses‘ held in connection with last Wednesday’s double murder at White Water Backdam, Konawaruk, remain in the custody of Linden Police who are continuing their search for answers to solve this brutal crime.

Sources told Stabroek News that the trio is sticking to the story that they witnessed the attack in which Daniel Higgins, a miner, was shot then buried alive by two men, who later hacked his son, Daniel Higgins jnr  to death at their mining camp.

No new information has surfaced toassist investigators, this newspaper was told.

The trio claimed that two bandits who came to the camp, only had one gun. After killing the father and son, they said, the men escorted them out of the backdam, ensured that they boarded a bus, and warned them not to report the matter or they would get them. One of the men also allegedly told the freed hostages that he was very spiritual and would find them wherever they were if they reported the matter. The two bandits joined another bus and came out of the interior behind the witnesses.

The witnesses further said that as a result of the threats, they gave no hint about the incident to any police officers on patrol, whom they would have met on the way out, fearing for their lives. However, they related that upon their arrival in Linden, they mustered the courage to report the incident at the Mackenzie Police Station, where they were subsequently taken into custody.

The police in its first press release on the incident yesterday said that the murders occurred around 10:45 hours.

Investigations revealed that the victims aged 48 and 22 respectively were mining when a man approached and shot the elder Higgins about his body while another man chopped his son in the  neck. The body of the elder Higgins was found buried in the mining pit.

According to the release a police party that had been dispatched to the area to conduct investigations into the report came out yesterday and brought out the bodies which are at the Lyken Funeral Parlour.

Investigations are in progress.

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