Meten-Meer-Zorg woman stabbed to death

-lover held

A drinking spree yesterday afternoon ended tragically, after a woman was stabbed to the heart allegedly by her reputed husband of less than a year.

Dead is Radhika Ramjattan, 42, of East Meten-Meer-Zorg, West Bank Demerara. Her drunken lover known to her relatives and friends only as Andrew has been detained. According to relatives, the incident occurred sometime after 5:00 pm, as the couple along with Radhika’s cousin Radesh, and two other individuals were at their home consuming alcohol.

This newspaper understands that during the spree an argument erupted between the couple and Andrew allegedly dealt a stab to her chest. Radhika’s mother Silvie Rampersaud known as “Sheila” spoke with Stabroek News last night and she related the history of her daughter’s relationship with Andrew. According to the woman, Radhika met the man through a family friend of hers, and the two struck up a relationship. Sheila continued that at first the couple stayed at her house, but as Andrew was in the habit of drinking and “behave[ing] bad” they soon moved over to “the grandmother house and was the same thing, so them move again”. She then revealed that whenever Andrew was drunk he would beat up on her daughter, “cuff she up in she face and so”.

Sheila said she received the news of her daughter’s demise from her nephew Radesh, whom she said witnessed the whole thing as he was drinking with them. She continued that she didn’t go to the house herself but sent her other daughter Aswantie.

According to the latter, after he had allegedly stabbed Radhika, Andrew “lay down next to she”, and Sheila added that “he had on one pot of water me na know wah he binna go do with am, musse fo clean up the blood…”

It was also revealed by the mother that the couple was scheduled to move to another location closer to the seawall today, and had asked the owner of the “chicken pen” [in which they lived in a rice field] for one day more.

Police have since taken Andrew along with Radesh into custody, and they are currently searching for the others.
The dead woman has one son, age 25, who resides in the United States.

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