MMA-ADA begins construction on section of Bellamy canal

The Mahaica Mahaicony Abary Development Authority (MMA/ADA) has started construction of a section of the Bellamy canal and is also simultaneously constructing a sea dam from the excavated material.

According to a Government Information Agency (GINA) report, it is hoped that this would help to alleviate flooding of lands between the old Bellamy canal and the foreshore.

GINA also said works have been completed on the channel from Hyde Park to the new Retrieve sluice and on the Abary side of the Mahaicony area works have been completed from 1st to 2nd point left. From the 2nd to the 3rd point, works will soon commence. A new bridge will also be constructed at Hyde Park.

At Biaboo, Mahaica, 1300 acres of agricultural lands have been empoldered while some remedial works on the dam is currently being undertaken. A bridge at Manuel Canal and Stelling has been constructed to assist farmers.

The MMA/ADA has been carrying out rehabilitative works on primary channels in the Mahaica and Mahaicony, Abary areas, as part of the ongoing drainage and irrigation enhancement programme in the areas, GINA noted. This part of the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) second phase of works is aimed at improving the drainage and irrigation systems in the areas.

Works currently in progress include excavation and empoldering of the Mahaicony Creek as well as in the villages of Esau and Jacob and also the clearing of internal drains and farmlands of these areas.

The NDIA is currently constructing an internal flood embankment from Mora Point to First Savannah, approximately 2,500 rods long, to prevent overtopping of the Mahaiconey River during periods of heavy and prolonged rainfall. In addition, spraying of weeds in the Mahaica and Mahicony creeks has been undertaken as well as the dredging of the mouths of the Mahaicony and Abary creeks.

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