T&T curfew info for CAL passengers

As a result of the curfew imposed in Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean Airlines Limited has said that all of its flights continue to operate on their regular schedule.

In a statement on Tuesday, CAL said that as of August 23rd, passengers arriving at Piarco International Airport during the curfew hours of 9 pm to 5 am will have to apply for a permit if they intend to leave the airport during this period. It said that passengers can apply for a curfew permit at the temporary police post located near the Domestic Terminal. To have the permit issued, passengers must keep their boarding pass and/or ticket and also have two forms of photo identification.

As of Tuesday, CAL  has also been advised that persons who wish to collect arriving passengers at Piarco during the curfew hours 9 pm to 5 am also have to obtain curfew permits from their local police stations. These applications have to be made outside of curfew hours. At the police station, CAL said, the applicant must show proof of the impending journey and show two forms of photo identification along with travel documentation.

CAL said it has also been told that “in the event that curfew permits are not issued, it is advised that persons arrive at the airport during allowable times of travel”. Customers can visit its website for regular updates at www.caribbean-airlines.com.

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