CAL promises seamless connection to Guyana via Piarco

Caribbean Airlines (CAL) yesterday said that effective immediately  all its passengers travelling to Georgetown from Piarco in Trinidad will be able to connect from the arrival gate to the departure gate on the same level of the airport.

Passengers travelling to Guyana via CAL have frequently complained of the hassle of having to go back through Trinidad immigration and other inconveniences before getting to their departure gates.

President Bharrat Jagdeo at a recent press conference complained about service at Piarco and called for changes to be made.

In a statement yesterday CAL said “Caribbean Airlines is proud to announce that effective immediately passengers travelling South Bound on Caribbean Airlines will now be able to connect seamlessly at Piarco International Airport in Trinidad. This means that all customers will now be allowed to connect from the arrival gate to the departure gate on the same level of the Piarco International Airport.

“This move comes some months after Caribbean Airlines Chairman George M. Nicholas 111 visited Guyana in January where several stakeholders expressed their discontent at the connection facilities at Piarco International Airport. The move will apply to southbound traffic to the island”.

During his visit here in January this year, Nicholas had been pressed by government officials on this matter. He had said that the airline will be exploring ways to make in-transit flights more efficient and reduce the hassle to travellers.

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