WICB asks Guyana Gov’t for `written communications’ on plans for cricket

The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) has requested from the Guyana Government written communications on its plans for local cricket.

A statement from the WICB today said that it had noted media reports in Guyana relating to the Guyana Cricket Board. It said it had been informed of a meeting called by President Bharrat Jagdeo of stakeholders on the Guyana Cricket Board and which also included Minister of Sport, Dr Frank Anthony.

The statement said that “Dr. Anthony contacted WICB President Dr. Julian

Hunte and CEO Dr. Ernest Hilaire and the WICB has requested written communication relating to the purported plans of the Government of Guyana as it relates to cricket in Guyana. The WICB awaits Dr. Anthony’s response.”

Umbrella sport bodies such as the WICB usually frown on political involvement in the affairs of constituent boards and there are likely to be concerns about what is now transpiring on the GCB.

Following yesterday’s meeting between President Jagdeo and the stakeholders, it was agreed that an Interim Management Committee would be established to run the affairs of the board.

It effectively meant that the Ramsey Ali administration which was elected at a highly controversial meeting of the GCB recently would not be in charge of the board’s business.

The GCB board has seen serious divisions in the last two years and is at the moment divided into two camps. Some of its affiliate boards like the Demerara Cricket Board are also gripped by division at the moment.



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