Barama offers lumber to relieve shortage

Amid a lumber shortage on the local market, logging company, Barama says it has one million board foot of lumber available to domestic buyers.

The Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) had informed dealers that there would be a restriction of log and lumber exports from September 1, raising some concern among those involved in the sector. However, following a meeting with forest authorities, the issue was clarified and it was affirmed that exporters will only be allowed to export logs that originate from their concession.

On Thursday, Barama’s Head of Corporate Affairs and Forest Planning, Mohindra Chand, in a statement said that the company is supportive of government’s efforts in ensuring that the local demand for wood is addressed. “We remain supportive and committed towards the Government’s efforts to satisfy the local wood demands with special focus on the ongoing housing drive,” he said.

He said that the company has several species available, including greenheart in varying length and volumes. The statement advised that there are some species that can be grouped into common user groups and can therefore be used as substitutes for each other. “Such an approach will add greater value to our forest resources and relieve the high constant demand for certain species,” it said.

The company also encouraged consumers to use varying lengths in certain applications such as flooring, walling, decking and ceiling. “This will allow for greater recovery in our sawmilling process, increase availability and should impact positively on the price of lumber locally,” the statement said.

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