Berbice cops in late night patrol for drunk drivers

The Guyana Police Force’s (GPF), ‘B’ Division has organized a late night patrol programme aimed at intercepting persons who drive under the influence of alcohol.

This is according to Commander of the division, Steve Merai, who  was at the time speaking at a forum organised by the GPF, the National Road Safety Council (NRSC) and the Home Affairs Ministry  in the West Berbice area over the weekend.

The aim of the forum, which was attended by taxi and minibus drivers, was  the establishment of a road safety association.

According to a release from the Govern-ment Information Agency (GINA), Merai lamented that many minibus drivers are using the roadways carelessly by speeding, particularly at peak hours in the afternoon.

According to GINA, during the discussion, drivers raised several concerns, which include the presence of stray animals and paddy drying and derelict vehicles among other encumbrances on the roadways.

As regards the establishment of a bus stop for Route 50 buses, Works Ministry engineer, Nigel Erskine stated that when a bus stop for the Route 56 buses was identified last year, a technical study determined that similar activities could be undertaken to identify  spots for other routes.

At the conclusion of the session, GINA noted, a steering committee was formed and the body will in turn work towards the establishment of a road safety association.

Members of the committee include, Rawana Ally, Dennis Chesney, Boodram Rampersaud, Hassan Ullah, Dianand Persaud, Inspector Boodram Persaud and Dennis Pompey of the Home Affairs Ministry.

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