CAL hasn’t started direct NY flights as yet

Caribbean Airlines has not yet introduced direct flights between Guyana and New York as was promised in January by Chairman of the airline, George M. Nicholas.

When this newspaper contacted the airline’s manager’s office here and inquired whether the flights had started as yet, the source responded in the negative.

“No, the plan hasn’t materialized as yet,” she said, adding that she could not say at this point whether it will happen in the near future.

Stabroek News also contacted several travel agencies who related that they were informed that these flights would have begun in August but up to now, they have not heard anything from CAL.

When the company made the announcement it indicated that it was looking to improve its service under new management.

During the initial announcement, it was noted by Nicholas that the direct flight will accommodate 154 persons and also, that the fare will be “pretty good”.

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