Fifteen import licences for chicken granted – Prashad

Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Manniram Prashad yesterday reiterated Government’s commitment to ensuring the availability of chicken on the local market and 15 import licences have been granted.

The Minister, in a Government Information Agency (GINA) release yesterday was quoted as saying “as a responsible Government we have to take every action necessary to make sure that chicken is available on the local market at affordable prices”.

Manniram Prashad

The release continued that the ministry has been issuing licences for the importation of foreign chicken, in an attempt to address the issue of the shortage on the local market. According to the Minister, thus far fifteen of these licences have been issued.

“Even though the Poultry Producers’ Association (PPA) is telling us that this situation is coming back to normal, at the end of September, we are not taking any chances,” the Prashad told the media.

It is expected by the ministry that during September there will be a surplus which will result in a decrease in chicken price, with the PPA’s promise of normalcy and with the importation of chicken.

Prashad stated that the Government will continue to monitor the situation carefully and continue to give licences to importers of chicken “until we see a situation of normalcy”.

The minister also promised Government’s commitment and engagement with the Poultry Producers’ Association and the hatcheries to promote and encourage local production of chicken, the release said.

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